Spring/Summer 2013 sees inspiration being taken from Russia, and more specifically Russian dolls. The idea of bags that have a multi-functional purpose, bags inside bags that can detached and used separately or designs that silhouettes that can be changed to be worn in an alternative way.

Softly structured bags are complimented by the interesting use of experimental fabric manipulation by combining textures, patterns and different types of materials into the designs. The signature style of recycling is evident throughout, giving materials a second life making these more attractive than their original form through careful consideration of placement and attention to detailing and finishes.

The shapes are simple and classic but the key aspect of the range is the combining of textures & patterns into designs with functionality. Textile techniques such as leather edge piping, smocking and rouching are teamed with clean-cut silhouettes. The styles are angular in design, looks with geometric cuts and bold statement patterns. Leather is worked with incisions and perforations, combining polka dots and strips and different textures all in one style. Hues of black, white, grey and navy are to the forefront but are subtly accompanied by touches of small accent colour in detailing and contrast straps.

A game of 20 questions with Rebecca

1)    Your passion beyond fashion


2)    Your life in three words

Fun, ambitious, spontaneous.

3)    Your life in colours

Black, grey, gold,

4)    Your Hero

Vivienne Westwood

5)    What is your song/music

Northern soul

6)    What do you wear to bed


7)    Your favourite Flower

Black Iris

8)    Your favourite food recipe


9)    Your rescue cooking trick


10)Live to eat or eat to live

Live to Eat for SURE!!!

11)Wine: Red or White


12)Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market

If budget lets Selfridges

13)Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

Peace of Mind

14)Fantasy or Reality


15)Moonlight or Sunlight


16)Journey or Destination


17)What is your walk


18)Who will you be reincarnated as

The Queen

19)What’s important to you?

Friends, Family, Love, Laughter, & Life

20)Food for Fashion


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