The ”Spider Women” of Hilo Sagrado Foundation

bAs the legend of  Wayúu people in Colombia  says  women were created from a spider   therefore  it is in their hands  to ‘interweave’  whatever  they  need …


1Literally  for  the indigenous Wayúu people, knowing how to weave is a symbol of creativity, intelligence and wisdom, a practice that is past on from one generation to the next, during puberty  when girls can only be around their female relatives who teach them all the duties and social behavior that  Wayúu women must possess.

This  tradition,  is  embraced by Hilo Sagrado Foundation creating a sustainble social business where women are enabled to produce hand made products based on their traditional practicies.


IMG_0404Hilo Sagrado Foundation supports  the marketing and selling of the products, providing an income for the women  and their families.

Furthermore, profits are fedback into the community and the school, where 200 children from different ethnic groups attend.

The designs are patterns of geometrical shapes  and  each  item is made by one woman; therefore each product is one of a kind,   arduous handcraft . i.e.  it takes between 20 to 30 days   for a bag.m10The  Hilo Sagrado collections,  includes   garments, scarfs, shoes, and accessories, along  with homeware decorative  items  such  as  pillowes, hammocks, fabricks  and   many more  products.








                  The  Hilo Sagrado Foundation 

Jessica Found It !


JESSICA  FOUND  IT,  is  a  UK  based  brand   which clearly  makes   ethos  a  possibility.


JESSICA  FOUND  IT , treats discarded  materials with  a  dynamic and  artistic  way,  creating  unique, desirable  fashion  accessories  and homeware  items.


JESSICA  FOUND  IT ,  maintains  sustainable  manufacturing  by  using  low  energy  and  high  hand  power.


 Furthermore, JESSICA  FOUND  IT,   raises  environmental  awareness  through  creative  workshops.


  For  more  info,  please  visit



stamp1RE*logyyy is an eco conscious womenswear label,  wich   launches    trendy, capsule  collections  each  month.Slide2

RE*logyyy     treasures  leftover  fabric, end  of  rolls,  cutouts, swatches, stock  supplies  accessories  samples  etc.  and  gives  them  a  new  lease  of  life  by  turning  them  into   unique, arty   piecesSlide3

RE*logyyy     puts  into  really  good    practice  the  terms    or  recycling  and  upcycling ,  the  reason  being   enviromental  consiousness   and  love  of  nature.Slide4

RE*logyyy   items,    are   ethically  made, easy  to  wear , good  quality  garments  that  will  keep  you  company  forever.Slide1


Ilya Fisher

Ilya Fisher -Logo

Slide3Combining stunning shibori designs with beautiful shapes and silks, Ilya fisher bring you hand dyed clothes and scarves that both look beautiful and feel fabulous to wear.


All garments are made and dyed in Ilya Fisher‘s London premises using metal free dyes with careful sourcing of silks, natural shell buttons and processes to reduce impact on the environment.

Each Ilya Fisher piece is unique. No two the same -eco, ethical & unique.


( DO NOT ) Return to Sender …

Presentation1 - Copy

The  duck  and  the  sesame,  amongst  their  many handmade  jewelry  collections offer  a range  of  jewllery  and  home  decorative  objects,  made  of  used stamps.


Slide4 - CopyAll the  rings, pendants  and  broaches  are  soldered with  leαd free  metal  and  covered   by  cut -to-measure  glass  so  the  stamps  stay  intact.  Why?   Because   the collection  includes  stamps    that  have  value  on  their  own,  as   those   from  countries  that   no  longer  exist,  U.S.S.R    and  Yugoslavia  for  instance .   


For  further  information,  please  visit    The  duck  and  the  sesame.




Created in the UK, SewLomax uses high quality ethically sourced canvas bags . The products offered are always fun but also stylish and they uniquely and creatively offer ways in which to organise and transport items.

Slide5Each piece in the SewLomax range is lovingly finished by hand making every one an original. This further allows the lucky owner to feel     individual and unique.



SewLomax products are ageless and also timeless. They appeal to many genres from the dog owner to the busy city worker! 


With new styles regularly updated  SewLomax  plans  to keep its customers  in a buoyant mood!

Check  SewLomax Collection

   at the  Ecoluxe London

        pop up boutique!



Mix and Mach or what !!!

STAMO LOGO FINAL XOn  one  of  those  days,  when   you  can’t  make  up  your  mind  what  to  wear,  ”By Stamo” ‘s    CONFUSION  LINE   might  be  the  answer !

Interchangeable, Fully Tailored    Half   Jackets  made  of  vintage, end-of-roll  fabrics .

 Check  them  out   at  the  EcoluxeLondon’s  pop up   boutique  on  the 17th  and  18th  of  February 2013. 


Idi Prikos by Eleni Psyhouli

Idi PrikosIdi  prikos, pulls  out  of  the  closet  old  hand-made  dowry  pieces ,and gives   them   a  new  lease  of   life  turning  them  into  one – off  house hold   items.

Idi Prikos 2Idi Prikos 3Idi Prikos 4

A couvre-lit   mixes  with  an  old  woven  curtain,  a  Gobelin  tapestry  turns  into  a   huge pillow,  a  60’s  bath gown  accompanies  you  at  the  picnic   as  a  practical  blanket with an insert  pillow.

Idi Prikos 5Idi Prikos 6

Idi  prikos,  makes  good  use of   invaluable  but  maybe  forgotten  handcrafts  managing  to  brighten  up  in  a  unique  way  even  the  most  minimal  spot  in  the  house.

Idi  Prikos 7