Shower proof

UK made



One –off



Eco friendly




Raincoat made of recycled umbrellas

And end-of-roll waterproof material

Individually made following an exclusive, attentive process

Named after Amazonian rainforest tribes.

A game of 20 questions with Maria of SUPPORTED BY RAIN

1)    Your passion beyond fashion


2)    Your life in three words

Pow! Clang! Ouch!

3)    Your life in colours


4)    Your Hero

My self

5)    What is your song music

6)    What do you wear to bed

Pyjamas. And a warm vest. And socks. And a night cap. And hair curlers. And night cream. And a night dental guard. And a snoring device. And  ear plugs. And a night mask

7)    Your favourite Flower


8)     Your favourite food recipe

 Chocolate moose (Quick &Easy  Version)

Ingredients:      1 Moose ( medium)

                         572 milk  chocolate  bars

88   kilos  of  nuts  according  to   your  taste

       Cut Moose into  small bite sized  pieces. This  should  take  only  about  one and a half months.

       Use  bain-marie to  melt  the chocolate  bars over slow fire. Time  estimated  about  3 weeks.

       Meanwhile, to  save  time,  grate  the  nuts  finely.

       Dip  one by one each   moose – piece   into the  melted  chocolate  and  then  roll  it  into  the 

       finely grated nuts.   Estimated  time  around 2 days. 

        Chill.   ( Makes  about 3.800 servings)

 Chef’s  tip :   For  a really, truly memorable  meal,   serve  without  dressing……. 😉

9)    Your rescue cooking trick

A take away

10) Live to eat or eat to live

Live and love to  eat.

11)Wine: Red or White


12)Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market

To market, to market ….

13)Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

What was the question again?

14)Fantasy or Reality

I have to ask my fairy god-mother about that.

15)Moonlight or Sunlight

Moonlight … full moon….. werewolves…..

16)Journey or Destination


17)What is your walk

Fox trot

18)Who will you be reincarnated as

My mum…I’m already turning into her!

19)What’s important to you? 

Health, Friends, Laughter, Chocolate

20)Food for Fashion

  ….As  in  jacket potatoes, salad dressing and sleeve puddings ?

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