And The Winner Is …

Hamro Khushi logoOUR HAPINESS

Hamro – Khusi  is  the  creation  of  two ”soul sisters”, Nepalese Gyatri Giri  and   Bernadette van de Braakette from Netherlands.


Hamro – Khusi’s  first  collection  was  launched  in  June  2012,  full  of  colour  and  based  on  3  simple  shapes: square, round and diamond.


Hamro – Khusi’s   aim  is to build  a  home  for  the  elderly people of  Nepal.

bracelets black and GOLD


Hamro Khusi’s  motto is :

Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness

Epilogue 2012

So … our 2012  events are over.

Brands are frantically preparing yet another collection to showcase in  February 2013  but…. what    have  we  HONESTLY  and TRULY  gained  from 2012 London Fashion Weeks   to  make  things  better ?

We are all involved  in one way or another, either being consumers or professionals of the field and we should act and work towards lifting London Fashion Week from being a regional UK event to:

 place it at the heart of the action as  it  used  to  be
 create a hub of international creativity and events   as  it  used to  happen
 give motive for our talents to return to UK
 create sustainable businesses, UK jobs and…. flying colours for British fashion.


Through our blog we would like to  thank all who  spent  time  in our February and  September 2012  showroom,   meeting  our exhibitors.

We would also like to thank all the journalists and bloggers who took  time to present some of the Ecoluxe London brands as well as Ecoluxe London and the work we do.   We do like to see our name mentioned in the press  🙂  

See  you  on  17 & 18  February  2013  !

Yono Taola

Juanjo Gomez, born in Madrid on December 24, 1970, is the designer of the firm Yono Taola.

Juanjo began his career by winning the 1st prize in the national competition “MURCIA JOVEN” contest in 2001. Since then he has participated in several gateways as F.I.B, Gaudi, Murcia abierta, Fashion Week in Valencia, Redken Weekend Experience 2012 and OFF the Mercedes Fashion week.

Juanjo Gomez  has collaborated with various companies designing with Converse and Vans shoes, shirts with Estrella Dam (Beer Company), designing uniforms for Repsol YPF, Coke, Sprite, Community of Madrid, BBVA, and Ford.

Juanjo Gomez , also designed costumes for the Ballet of Carmen Werner (“Skater” and “Fermina”) and  has worked on the costumes for the play “The Other Side of the Bed” and “Dracula”.

He has presented his collections in the showroom of Ego (Madrid), Hortensia de Hutten (Paris).

Juanjo participated in exhibitions such as “Tras el espejo, Moda Española” (Reina Sofia), “Expressa 2003” (Pamplona), “2ª mano Consonni” (Bilbao)  and  also  a T.V program named “Singular”, a Monograph on Spanish designers.

A game of 20 questions  with Juanjo Gomez of Yono Taola

1)    Your passion beyond fashion…….            travelling

2)    Your life in three words……            work, love and eat

3)    Your life in colours…….. blue and white       

4)    Your Hero….. whom demonstrates something admirable

5)    What is your song/music…...all the music

6)    What do you wear to bed…..nothing

7)    Your favourite Flower……white rose

8)    Your favourite food recipe……moms handmade Russian steak.

9)    Your rescue cooking trick….. spices.

10) Live to eat or eat to live… to eat.

11) Wine: Red or White…..winter: red, summer: white.

12) Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market……Spitalfields

13) Peace of Mind or Scattered mind…….Peace of mind.

14) Fantasy or Reality…….Both of them.

15) Moonlight or Sunlight…….Depends

16) Journey or Destination…….Journey

17) What is your walk……..the whole world

18) Who will you be reincarnated as……. a dog

19) What’s important to you?……...Friends ship and family.

20) Food for Fashion……Both.