Idi Prikos by Eleni Psyhouli

Idi PrikosIdi  prikos, pulls  out  of  the  closet  old  hand-made  dowry  pieces ,and gives   them   a  new  lease  of   life  turning  them  into  one – off  house hold   items.

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A couvre-lit   mixes  with  an  old  woven  curtain,  a  Gobelin  tapestry  turns  into  a   huge pillow,  a  60’s  bath gown  accompanies  you  at  the  picnic   as  a  practical  blanket with an insert  pillow.

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Idi  prikos,  makes  good  use of   invaluable  but  maybe  forgotten  handcrafts  managing  to  brighten  up  in  a  unique  way  even  the  most  minimal  spot  in  the  house.

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Da Lata


Ethical fashion brand “Da Lata”  (Brazilian for “from the can”), is lovingly transforming heart-ache in to a sustainable luxury business.

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Da Lata uses humble ring pulls from post consumer cans and give them another chance to shine turning them into some of the most interesting accessories in the market.CLEO SILVER 4

But humble these products are not; Da Lata ‘s beautiful craftsmanship combined with social and environmental conscience creates unmissable fashion accessories full of glamour and glimmer.Kelly Black 6 72dpi

Da-Lata products are timeless and treasured pieces.

BELT BLACK 72DPI 1 Tactile, effortlessly cool and amazingly light weight  Da-Lata products will enchant anyone who wears them !!!MARLENE CROSS 72DPI 4

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L-L-B : “ why waste it when you can wear it ”

L-L-B-logo-bk    L-L-B  is a Norwegian brand based on the idea of conceptual ecology.


        L -L-B  focuses  on quality, originality and sustainability.


L-L-B  aims to create a garment to live in, making  it  feel  like a refuge, a home.


L-L-B  garments are made in France  using traditional techniques, hand dyed and printed fabrics   along  with  upcycled  and  eco  materials.


                    L-L-B ‘s  motto  is “why waste it when you can wear it”



a Using organic  Moroccan Argan Oil   and  made  in  New Zeland,  Argania  products give brilliant shine, smooth and nourish, eliminate frizz and rejuvenate your hair without leaving any oily residue.The range currently includes Argania Hair Oil, Hair Oil Light, Shampoo and Conditioner.

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Melvita  was founded in 1983 on the site of a bee farm, deep in the countryside of the Ardèche Gorges, France, by biologist Bernard Chevilliat.

aWith nature as its source of inspiration, Melvita has become a pioneer in organic beauty care, with a collection of over 300 ECOCERT certified products that work for both the skin and the environment. From targeted skincare ranges to food supplements, Melvita’s top-to-toe beauty collection offers an organic solution to every beauty need.

bAs a global leader in organic formulation expertise, Melvita is dedicated to supporting ecological issues throughout the world. The Melvita Foundation supports projects and initiatives that aim toprotect nature, promote organic farming andsafeguard the future of bees.

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