Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 adds an international flavour to London

By Stamo

This September, in Ecoluxe London,  besides the ‘Spanish invasion’ full of colour, shapes and sun we had brands from various parts of the world indicating that London is still an International fashion destination.

Our truly unique concept allows companies from all over the world that offer ecoluxury products to showcase their work and access the UK market.

Chile was present with three brands:

Carmen Eva, making felted garments using the ancient Nuno technique and yarns from alpaca and llama amongst others.

Carmen Eva: llama felted shawl
Carmen Eva: Felt necklace

Made By Voz, a new luxury knitwear brand that empowers women and their communities by encouraging collaborations between artisans and designers. Every design in the VOZ collections gives artisans name credit and royalties for every garment sold.

Made By VOZ: Vilu Dress
Made by VOZ: Anu Dress

Casa Kiro, exquisite craftsmanship and detailed silver jewellery. Vania, the designer has a passion for using domestic raw materials in a completely new context. Raisin enfolds seaweed, goat horn, alpaca wool creating an array of colours and jewellery that have a wow factor.

Casa Kiro: Jewellery display during Ecoluxe London Sep ’12
Casa Kiro: Rings

All the way from India, Indigreen filled our exhibition with inspiring art and an amazing story behind the brand. All artwork decorating their products is hand painted by Bollywood artists who were replaced by digital technology! Furthermore, Indigreen encourages the people that purchase their products to recycle, donate and frame its art.

Indigreen: Khayali Top
Indigreen: Hand painted purse

Arli from Kazakhstan is the brainchild of Ardagul Dusegalieva and Liliya Karimova. Two designers who use traditional felting techniques. Mixing wool and silk their products create a luxurious feel around your shoulders.

Arli: Dina wearing an Arli shawl during Ecoluxe London Sep ’12. Pic taken by
Arli: Silk and wool scarf

Ecoluxe London was also proud to support and present Craftworks Cambodia, a project that turns people’s lives around by providing them with training, work and food on the table. Silk and cotton hand loomed scarves, bags, wallets and pencil cases made out of recycled cement and fish bags and fantastic jewellery made out of recycled bullet cases.

Craftworks Cambodia: Product display during Ecoluxe London Sep’ 12/ Pic taken by

It is widely acknowledged that this September London Fashion Week was the quietest of all times with NY and Milan closing even more on the London dates. We would be interested to know how this has affected your brand’s sales and business strategy.

To be continued…

Gloria Bendita

Gloria Bendita is a Spanish brand that combines Ibizan style

                                        with Ad Lib Andalusian air.

Gloria Bendita  develop their collections using  ethically sourced  materials,

 natural dyes  and lots of craftsmanship.

A game of 20 questions  with  Magdalena  of  ‘Gloria Bendita

1)    Your passion beyond fashion

Fashion is my passion for the last 27 years I’ve been actively working on it,plus I love the movies, and music.

2)    Your life in three words:     Enterprising – Action – Fashion.

3)    Your life in colours

Are important in my life, intensely vivid colors, besides white and black

4)    Your Hero

There are many people I admire in history but if I have to emphasize could be Madre Teresa de Calcuta

5)    What is your song/music : House music electric, chill out

6)    What do you wear to bed :  Comfortable clothes

7)    Your favourite Flower :  Daisy

8)    Your favourite food recipe:  All salads

9)    Your rescue cooking trick : With garlic and oil

10) Live to eat or eat to live :  Eat to live

11) Wine: Red or White

I like both

12) Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market : ……

13) Peace of Mind or Scattered mind :  Peace in the mind

14) Fantasy or Reality

I move through the fantasy but the transfer to reality

15) Moonlight or Sunlight :  I like both

16) Journey or Destination

Sometimes need to travel and other more stay in one place but I need both

17)What is your walk

I’m with a great professional development experience, where I want to achieve maximum harmony in my daily life with my own thoughts and everything around me, being able to participate in best running processes, providing a sense of well-being, good things made, inner strength, to reach transmit it through my work.

18) Who will you be reincarnated as :  Could be an animal for not paying taxes.

19) What’s important to you?

My priority is to take care of my two daughters and help care for the planet

20) Food for Fashion :  Avocado Cocktail

Talented Totes

TALENTED TOTES is a new, directional collection of luxury printed tote bags all ethically made from natural materials.

TALENTED TOTES celebrate the bag as an art form and skilfully print artists’ works onto canvas  totes.


This is their first collection and  TALENTED TOTES  includes four               separate,beautiful and compelling ranges.

MYRTLE : French Heat British Cool

Fusing a love of bold modern design, the vivid colours and brightness of Provence, & a desire to use a wonderfully green new material, British designer, Amanda Sutton has created a vibrant, beautifully crafted range of bags & launched a new name, MYRTLE

Using a brand new recycling process, the great British Wellington boot is broken down to its basic properties and reformatted into a strong, pliable material, with each sheet containing unique patterns and colours.

This recycled rubber is then combined with printed cotton canvas for the MYRTLE PLAGE collection of stunning beach bags and with lacquered Muiracatiara wood, colourful nautical rope and chrome catches for the MYRTLE handbag collection.

Each bag is individually hand constructed, and because of the colour patterns of the repurposed material, completely unique!

a SPARK of Fun, Fashion & Fundraising

The Mayamiko Trust – Mayamiko meaning praise in Chichewan dialect,  praises indeed the   old Chinese proverb  ‘ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ’.

Since 2008,  the Mayamiko cotton project in Malawi,provides training  in sewing and tailoring to local women who  are  infected or affected   by HIV/AIDS giving  them  the opportunity to earn a reliable income for them and their families.

The training  includes all  different   textile processes: weaving or knitting, cutting, sewing, tailoring, all the way through the finished garments, some of which have been featured on Vogue, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian.

Mayamiko empowering, sustainable initiative  is well received by the public  as  one  can see  the  real impact on real people.  The  project   is  supported by donations, both  monetary and in-kind like people’s time, professional skills etc.

However, the training and  working conditions are harsh : outdoor  classes, limited working space, electricity coming  and  going – most of the  time off.

In order to offer better chances of success , Mayamiko’s  current focus is  on obtaining the raw materials to build a sustainable skills and production center in Lilongwe, Malawi,  The target is 200,000 Bricks-of-Hope, each brick representing 50 pence.

For the same reason, Mayamiko are holding their second fundraising event,              ” SPARK  an  explosion of creative energy ”.

SPARKS  will be held at Corbet Place, London on the 26th of October and promises a night of fun, full of fashion,  live music,  and  dancing.  To  find  out all  the  details, visit  SPARKS   and ….. see  you  there!

Craftworks Cambodia

‘’Craftworks Cambodia is an organization working to provide vocational training and marketing skills to home based producers through the sale of contemporary arts and crafts items (…….)  made  from recycled   and  sustainable  materials (……..)  based on the finest aesthetic and artistic traditional workmanship of Cambodia ’’

We all have read   similar  descriptions many times. However  the  more  you  browse   in  Craftworks Cambodia site,   the  more   you  realize    the  underestimated  truth   behind  the  words :

First, you  are bewildered  by the materials – but  we’ll  refer   to  them  further on.

Then    you  are  amazed with  the  artists’   creativity good  taste  and  special  abilities  ( no,  the   artists    cannot  fly  but  being   able  to  knit a fashionable  backpack  when  you  have  lost  your  sight  needs more than  talent … ).

You  might  also  spare  a thought about  their fortitude  and stamina when  reading  their  personal stories  or  even  catch yourself smiling   from  the  philosophical   irony   of  turning  empty bullets shells  –  that  have killed  your  family –   into  pendants  bearing   the  tree  of  life….

But  enough  said, enjoy some  pictures of   the  Craftworks Cambodia    products   that  you  can  find  on their  site.

Oh, and as for the  materials  mentioned  above,  try  to  spot  the recycled  cement, rice  or  fish  bags, bomb cells, inner  tubes  etc.   

Ecoluxe London Sept’ 12 – Opening Routes to Market for New International Brands

By Elena Garcia,

Francisco Lomora

Our September 2012 edition of the Showroom was our most international to date. We showcased the work of 33 brands from the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Russia, Cambodia, India, Chile and Greece. So far we have given the opportunity to show collections during London Fashion Week to more than 100 brands since we started in September 2010. What makes the Ecoluxe London concept truly unique is that we have now consolidated the showroom as a space that not only offers a window to UK based brands, but we also help new businesses everywhere to access a market that is normally closed to them due to excessive fees and lack of business support.

Iconic Barcelona

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that orders have been signed at Ecoluxe London, commercial awards have been given, introductions have been made to press and buyers, contacts have been passed on to the brands, marketing and Intellectual Property support have been provided to our exhibitors and the products have been allowed to shine in an environment suitable to their market.

Le Konsphin

In particular, this season we have welcomed a group of Spanish brands into our exhibition hall for the first time. We have had Spanish brands before, but we have been actively involved in the burgeoning Spanish eco scene and have been selecting, with the help of Slow Fashion Spain, and Gloria Bendita, a small group of brands that have their production sorted and sustainability credentials checked.

Yono Taola

Brands like Cristina Cardenas (accessories), Yono Taola (womenswear), Iconic Barcelona (womenswear), MissSotoka (womenswear), Francisco Lomora (womenswear), Gloria Bendita (womenswear), Tytti Thusberg (recycled womenswear and accessories), and Le Konsphin (accessories) have all been able to exhibit their products abroad and open new routes to market at very affordable prices. This is only the beginning, there are more brands in development and we hope we will be able to provide a launchpad to many more labels that weren’t quite ready to exhibit yet.

Cristina Cardenas

This venture was kick-started by an invitation that Elena Garcia received from Slow Fashion Spain to speak at a summit in the Museum of Costume in Madrid back in April this year.

Tytti Thusberg

Initial contacts were made and soon we realised that the ecoluxury sector in Spain is growing fast, but as usual, new brands need nurturing and support. The Ecoluxe London team has been promoting these brands and has given them a taste of London. We hope that they continue to grow.
As we said before, incredibly proud. Watch our for our Feb’ 13 edition.

Gloria Bendita

Francisco Lomora

A life defined by his passions: dancing, fashion, music, colours, spills out into his collections

Francisco is playing hide and seek with us through our game of 20 questions

1) His passion beyond fashion
I have been dancing since I was a child and I have done it in a professional way for 8 years; that`s something that inspires me in everything I do.

2) Your life in three words
Art-Hard work-Thorough

3) His life in colors
Although I would love it, life is not always colourful… I am learning that in mine, hard work becomes pink, effort becomes green, persistence becoomes red; I mean you can colour your own life…!

4) Your hero
Currently I have no hero, know nearly all is chaos and nobody comes to rescue us…

5) What is your song / music
Flamenco, pop, classical…

6) What do you wear in bed
It depends on the moment… but I don´t feel really comfortable being dressed in bed.

7) Your favorite flower
Cherry-tree`s flowers… every year I go to see them!

8) Your favorite food recipe
Salmorejo, with a lot of vinegar…

9) The kitchen trick rescue
Bread, oil, tomato and Spanish ham!

10) Live to eat or eat to live
Live to eat…

11) Wine: Red or White
I prefer coke!

12) Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market
Both… I love shopping, doesn`t mind where!

13) Peace of mind or scattered mind
Scattered mind!

14) Fantasy or Reality
Nowadays… fantasy is needed to believe in reality…!

15) Sunlight or moonlight

16) Journey or Destination
Journey is destination too, you are in a place thanks to all places you have been before

17) What is your walk
I think my walk is the one I build everyday, with my work, my feelings, my decisions… I want nobody to build it; and I just hope it would take me to the correct place!

18) Who will be reincarnated as
There`s nothing bad in being me!

19) What is important to you?
I just want to live making what I really like, and share it with the people I love

20) Food for Fashion

Selina Cheong

Selina Cheong accessories have always been about functionality, simplicity and quality. Fine leathers, linings and fittings are carefully sourced to ensure the longevity of each bag. Each design is made in small batches in the UK to ensure each bag is made to the highest standard.

Selina showcased her new collection in our Ecoluxe London showroom and we are delighted to have it.

Her game of 20 questions:

1) Your passion beyond fashion
Making things
2) Your life in three words
smile smile smile
3) Your life in colours
Gold Gold Gold
(4) Your Hero
My mama
5) What is your song/music
Fleetwood Mac
6) What do you wear to bed
Anything snuggly I can grab
7) Your favorite Flower
Lotus flower (It’s my chinese name!)
8) Your favorite food recipe
Any type of stew
9) Your rescue cooking trick
10) Live to eat or eat to live
live to eat for sure

11) Wine: Red or White
12) Selfridges or Spitalfields Market
13) Peace of Mind or Scattered mind
Peace of mind
14) Fantasy or Reality
15) Moonlight or Sunlight

16) Journey or Destination
17) What is your walk
Fast paced with purpose
18) Who will you be reincarnated as
A cat
19) What’s important to you
Friends, family and loving everything I do
20) Food for Fashion
Keep it fresh, natural and inspirational