….and the (February ’13) winners are …….

By Elena Garcia


Named after their co-founder, humanitarian and entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria, of Paul Mitchell Systems haircare, John Paul Selects scout the World for the best up and coming eco-conscious labels and entrepreneurs to offer a fusion distribution solution for   the emerging sustainable brands.

That  way, John Paul Selects work  towards accomplishing  their Eco- Mission : “To attract, inspire and educate the human spirit on behalf of the best emerging sustainable brands and eco-conscious entrepreneurs who are striving to make a difference, both socially and environmentally”

Ecoluxe London started its collaboration with John Paul Selects in its third edition, in September 2011. The John Paul Selects  team had just started their selection process and Ecoluxe London established contact with them through CocoEco Magazine, our press partners.

 Every brand on John Paul Selects is carefully vetted and tested to ensure the quality of their products and the sustainability of their production.

At Ecoluxe London we are in a unique position to recruit new sustainable brands, and the John Paul  Selects initiative offered a great door to a new market for new and existing labels, so we created the John Paul Selects Awards with them in order to recognise up and coming talent. Each season the John Paul  Selects team give the chance to enter into a one year contract to the  Ecoluxe London exhibitors  of  their  choise. Once awarded, it is up to the brands themselves to accept the contract and establish a commercial relationship with John Paul Selects

This  seasons  winners  of  the  John  Paul  Selects  Awards  are :

Believer by Katie  Walker   and   Danica Cosic Design  .

ANNA P. : British Eccentricity



Anna P.  label  creates uniquely  beautiful  pieces  whilst  being  kind  to  the planet, handmade  in  her  London studio using  traditional  crafts  and  materials  sourced  as  locally  as  possible  to  minimise  her  carbon  footprint.       

Slide4Anna  P.  collections  are  inspired  by  a  desire  to  blend  and  contrast  materials  and  textures, using  vintage  fabrics, denim  and  lace  contrasted  with  patent  leather  and  hand  moulded  fittings.Slide3

Anna  P.  creates  a  stylishly  unique  feeling  of  british  eccentricity  which  gives  each  collection  an  individual  identity   with  all  the  hand  finished  detailing.


Anna P. range  comprises  of  handbags,  purses,  bungles  and  and  interchangeable  headbands.