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This coming Friday is World Environment day (WED). Since 5th of June 1972, the first time convened the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Sweden.


At the meantime, the UN honors every year 5th of June as World Environment day to arise awareness of green environment. This year UN announced the theme of 2015 is sustainable lifestyles.

61075a_2c1a5ef19e674e42a6e3a7ffcae1ef66.jpg_srz_p_260_245_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzOne of the principle of sustainable lifestyle is rethinking our living style and transforming it to the societies and living in balance with natural environment.

You might be think of your individual effort seems small in the face of global threat and trends, when it comes to billions of people join green environment actions, we can make a big difference for our Earth

The fundamental business idea of Ecoluxe is to develop luxurious eco-sustainable fashion. We collect sustainable sources and transform them into fashion pieces like accessories, clothes, bags and jewellery.




Our exhibitor Casa Kiro Joyas is a small contemporary jewelry workshop located in the Region of Valparaíso, Chile. Casa Kiro brings the natural material like spice, seaweed, flowers and plants to a unique, beautiful and stylish handcraft in the world.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.39.04 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.39.40 AM

For the womenswear, Supported By Rain has the whole collection of recycled umbrellas and end-of-roll waterproof fabrics clothes. This raincoat is easy to carry in your bag when you can fold it into a small piece. While United Kingdom is an unpredictable weather, you should put one of this amazing raincoat in your bag. It can easily let you stand out from cloudy rainy weather.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.43.07 AM

A very beautiful combination of moral characteristics such as honesty and justice casual outlook By Stamo. It is a luxury ethical womenswear brand, based in London UK. She always aims to produce a garment fit into sustainable lifestyles by using recycle material.


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A bit of Spring …


Nature  intrigues our imagination, even affects our emotions  through water, forests,  skies, textures, scents, sounds, colors.

The  most  common but  always  impressive  natural  motif  is  that  of  flowers, used in  numerous ways, from  art  to  home wear  and  from  fashion  to cooking.

floral cakesAfter  all, there  isn’t  a man   who hasn’t  offered  a  flower  to  his  girl or  a  woman  who  will  not  smile  in  the  view  of  a  floral  wedding  cake…

Bearing in mind  that flowers  are always in trend,  our  team  presents  a  range  of  unique floral rings.

Their vivid colors make them look like sugar flowers on a cake which I can’t wait to bite. How about you?

The whole collection has four pieces, as  the  four stages  of  our  lives.              Each one has its specific name, Pure Love, Spring Time, Monet’s garden and Private Moments.

pure love

Do you still remember that day when riding with him on his bike  you cruised along the streets?   Your hands on his waist. The whole world sharing your laughter.……Happiness seemed unending.




.Delicate and .charming flowers, fill the mountains during the spring, symbolizing the energy of life. Just give me sunshine, I can bloom!!!

private moments

Everyone has  a secret garden within them, where a certain person, an object or a memory is  hidden  away from the rest of the world.   This is the softest but also the most beautiful  place in our hearts.


Monet, respecting nature’s ingenious creativity, he deliberately never  trimmed his  garden, just left it to grow freely.   Hopefully we can  recreate Monet ‘s garden in our lives,  allowing  growth  to follow  the direction of the heart…

This wonderful  collection  is  made by  ‘The Duck and the Sesame’, a brand who creates one of a kind, handmade jewelry,  with care, memories and recycled material. duck Each item, is made from  a  vintage  china  porcelain  broach which  has been  carefully redesigned into a  unique ring.   Wear it to the afternoon tea party with all your Sisterhood; or wear it to a dinner with your Mr. right.              Just make it bloom between  your fingers …..

Find  them  shortly in our boutique   www.ecoluxelondonboutique.comfloral rings

Jessica Found It !


JESSICA  FOUND  IT,  is  a  UK  based  brand   which clearly  makes   ethos  a  possibility.


JESSICA  FOUND  IT , treats discarded  materials with  a  dynamic and  artistic  way,  creating  unique, desirable  fashion  accessories  and homeware  items.


JESSICA  FOUND  IT ,  maintains  sustainable  manufacturing  by  using  low  energy  and  high  hand  power.


 Furthermore, JESSICA  FOUND  IT,   raises  environmental  awareness  through  creative  workshops.


  For  more  info,  please  visit  www.jessicafoundit.com



stamp1RE*logyyy is an eco conscious womenswear label,  wich   launches    trendy, capsule  collections  each  month.Slide2

RE*logyyy     treasures  leftover  fabric, end  of  rolls,  cutouts, swatches, stock  supplies  accessories  samples  etc.  and  gives  them  a  new  lease  of  life  by  turning  them  into   unique, arty   piecesSlide3

RE*logyyy     puts  into  really  good    practice  the  terms    or  recycling  and  upcycling ,  the  reason  being   enviromental  consiousness   and  love  of  nature.Slide4

RE*logyyy   items,    are   ethically  made, easy  to  wear , good  quality  garments  that  will  keep  you  company  forever.Slide1


( DO NOT ) Return to Sender …

Presentation1 - Copy

The  duck  and  the  sesame,  amongst  their  many handmade  jewelry  collections offer  a range  of  jewllery  and  home  decorative  objects,  made  of  used stamps.


Slide4 - CopyAll the  rings, pendants  and  broaches  are  soldered with  leαd free  metal  and  covered   by  cut -to-measure  glass  so  the  stamps  stay  intact.  Why?   Because   the collection  includes  stamps    that  have  value  on  their  own,  as   those   from  countries  that   no  longer  exist,  U.S.S.R    and  Yugoslavia  for  instance .   


For  further  information,  please  visit    The  duck  and  the  sesame.


Innovating or copying the past? A brief history of sustainability throughout ages and cultures

During the lecture we will go through the history of sustainability in fashion throughout the ages and have the opportunity to see what different cultures have been doing for thousands of years


The executive committee of the Ionian Society cordially invites you to a lecture in English by Stamo Ampatielou, MBA:


on Friday 23rd of November at  7: 30 p.m


Great Hall, Hellenic Centre

16-18 Paddington st.,

London W1U 5AS


Admission: FREE

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.



Craftworks Cambodia

‘’Craftworks Cambodia is an organization working to provide vocational training and marketing skills to home based producers through the sale of contemporary arts and crafts items (…….)  made  from recycled   and  sustainable  materials (……..)  based on the finest aesthetic and artistic traditional workmanship of Cambodia ’’

We all have read   similar  descriptions many times. However  the  more  you  browse   in  Craftworks Cambodia site,   the  more   you  realize    the  underestimated  truth   behind  the  words :

First, you  are bewildered  by the materials – but  we’ll  refer   to  them  further on.

Then    you  are  amazed with  the  artists’   creativity good  taste  and  special  abilities  ( no,  the   artists    cannot  fly  but  being   able  to  knit a fashionable  backpack  when  you  have  lost  your  sight  needs more than  talent … ).

You  might  also  spare  a thought about  their fortitude  and stamina when  reading  their  personal stories  or  even  catch yourself smiling   from  the  philosophical   irony   of  turning  empty bullets shells  –  that  have killed  your  family –   into  pendants  bearing   the  tree  of  life….

But  enough  said, enjoy some  pictures of   the  Craftworks Cambodia    products   that  you  can  find  on their  site.

Oh, and as for the  materials  mentioned  above,  try  to  spot  the recycled  cement, rice  or  fish  bags, bomb cells, inner  tubes  etc.   


Shower proof

UK made



One –off



Eco friendly




Raincoat made of recycled umbrellas

And end-of-roll waterproof material

Individually made following an exclusive, attentive process

Named after Amazonian rainforest tribes.

A game of 20 questions with Maria of SUPPORTED BY RAIN

1)    Your passion beyond fashion


2)    Your life in three words

Pow! Clang! Ouch!

3)    Your life in colours


4)    Your Hero

My self

5)    What is your song music


6)    What do you wear to bed

Pyjamas. And a warm vest. And socks. And a night cap. And hair curlers. And night cream. And a night dental guard. And a snoring device. And  ear plugs. And a night mask

7)    Your favourite Flower


8)     Your favourite food recipe

 Chocolate moose (Quick &Easy  Version)

Ingredients:      1 Moose ( medium)

                         572 milk  chocolate  bars

88   kilos  of  nuts  according  to   your  taste

       Cut Moose into  small bite sized  pieces. This  should  take  only  about  one and a half months.

       Use  bain-marie to  melt  the chocolate  bars over slow fire. Time  estimated  about  3 weeks.

       Meanwhile, to  save  time,  grate  the  nuts  finely.

       Dip  one by one each   moose – piece   into the  melted  chocolate  and  then  roll  it  into  the 

       finely grated nuts.   Estimated  time  around 2 days. 

        Chill.   ( Makes  about 3.800 servings)

 Chef’s  tip :   For  a really, truly memorable  meal,   serve  without  dressing……. 😉

9)    Your rescue cooking trick

A take away

10) Live to eat or eat to live

Live and love to  eat.

11)Wine: Red or White


12)Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market

To market, to market ….

13)Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

What was the question again?

14)Fantasy or Reality

I have to ask my fairy god-mother about that.

15)Moonlight or Sunlight

Moonlight … full moon….. werewolves…..

16)Journey or Destination


17)What is your walk

Fox trot

18)Who will you be reincarnated as

My mum…I’m already turning into her!

19)What’s important to you? 

Health, Friends, Laughter, Chocolate

20)Food for Fashion

  ….As  in  jacket potatoes, salad dressing and sleeve puddings ?