What do you do when:

a) You realize that your brand’s philosophy and needs do not coincide with any  existing fashion exhibitions?

b) You find the participation in such events unaffordable?

c) You have a crazy enough friend and co-designer that feels the same  as you?

Simple:  you create your own exhibition !

That’s more or less how designers Stamo and Elena Garcia founded Ecoluxe London, a not for profit platform that supports luxury with ethos. Since 2010, Ecoluxe London is a biannual exhibition held during the London Fashion Week, showcasing the work of eco conscious fashion brands and designers from around the world.

Mission NOT impossible

All the designers involved in Ecoluxe share the same philosophy of actively creating beautiful and environmentally friendly products in an ethical manner.

Company Overview   

Ecoluxe London also works with organisations like the UKTI in order to promote the work of UK based brands to overseas markets.

Devotion to luxurious eco-sustainable fashion is the raison d’être of Ecoluxe London. Pioneers in the industry, a claim that only select few can genuinely make, Ecoluxe has unwaveringly upheld its values since its inception. The epicentre of its philosophy: luxurious fashion from sustainable sources, which have been ethically acquired.

Ecoluxe London is the only platform in the UK that showcases and promotes eco luxury as a lifestyle.

Ecoluxe London designers are assisted in all aspects of their business and promotional chain. A three-pronged approach is applied to support brands:

• Consultancy, business innovation, product development and training.

• Promoting eco-efficiency by extending support with lean manufacturing processes, production and waste management/recycling.

• Techniques such as PR, marketing, sales, promotion, conventional and online branding are utilised for undertaking the development of the market and business.

Ecoluxe London provides full-spectrum business support for brands and designers:

• Know-how and technology

• Pattern cutting

• Quality control

• Production

• Fulfilment/delivery of orders

• Connecting brands with manufacturers, suppliers and stockists (through utilisation of marketing mix strategies and tactics, as appropriate by each brand’s uniqueness, to efficiently and profitably promote, grow, establish and sustain these brands)

Description (wow!)

Ecoluxe London’s definition of Ethical Luxury: timeless pieces, elegance, craftsmanship, and authenticity… Luxury not merely attached to price and brand name but in terms of brand story, manufacturing, and sustainability…

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