VOZ is where handmade luxury meets social change. Our indigenous fashions are crafted on Mapuche looms from 100% naturally rich materials from wool, to alpaca, to llama. Every color is dyed with plants, berries, and clay through natural processes. Each textile tells a story of the Mapuche cosmology through symbols of the natural world, as the story of the artisan ́s culture is woven within.

VOZ is the voice of Mapuche artisans and international fashion designers, intimately collaborating in Araucanía, Chile, to craft a new type of contemporary fashion – one designed by
artisans through sustainable education programs, that celebrate their ancestral art and provides sustainable economic opportunity.

A game of 20 questions

1)    Your passion beyond fashion

Community and culture, including dance, language, and literature

2)    Your life in three words

Mobile, passionate, beautiful

3)    Your life in colours

Mauve, sage, wine

4)    Your Hero

Nancy Pelosi

5)    What is your song/music

Ranging from The Weekend, to Nicolas Jaar, to Erik Satie

6)    What do you wear to bed

Preferable nothing

7)    Your favourite Flower

Casa Blanca Lily

8)    Your favourite food recipe

Gourmet Californian Experiments

9)    Your rescue cooking trick

Curry, fresh herbs,

10)Live to eat or eat to live

Live to share beautiful meals with beautiful people.

11)Wine: Red or White

Sancerre on a hot afternoon, otherwise red

12)Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market

Is this a British reference? 🙂

13)Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

Constantly in flux

14)Fantasy or Reality


15)Moonlight or Sunlight


16)Journey or Destination


17)What is your walk

It’s a forever walk, changes in every new place.

18)Who will you be reincarnated as

Into which paradigm will I be reincarnated to?

19)What’s important to you?

Love and beauty.

20)Food for Fashion

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