Ethical fashion brand “Da Lata”  (Brazilian for “from the can”), is lovingly transforming heart-ache in to a sustainable luxury business.

Chief Executive Black web jpg

Da Lata uses humble ring pulls from post consumer cans and give them another chance to shine turning them into some of the most interesting accessories in the market.CLEO SILVER 4

But humble these products are not; Da Lata ‘s beautiful craftsmanship combined with social and environmental conscience creates unmissable fashion accessories full of glamour and glimmer.Kelly Black 6 72dpi

Da-Lata products are timeless and treasured pieces.

BELT BLACK 72DPI 1 Tactile, effortlessly cool and amazingly light weight  Da-Lata products will enchant anyone who wears them !!!MARLENE CROSS 72DPI 4

For further  information  please  visit  www.da-lata.com

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