Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 promotes and nurtures UK talent

By Stamo

Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom. Pic by

Leading the way in Ethical Fashion is British Talent, Innovation and Ecoluxe London.
In our September ‘ 12 exhibition, we had no less than thirteen UK based companies with Ethical credentials, dedication and support for British manufacturing.

Dresses made of celluloid film and recycled surgical masks by Tytti Thusberg: Ecoluxe London Sep ’12. Pic by

With the motto ‘love is everything’, Tracey Ellis founded Shanti Sundays in 2010. Colourful leisure and yoga wear manufactured in the UK with its accessories manufactured in India, where the company also supports various charities.
Shanti Sundays in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom. Pic by

Supported by Rain: Using broken umbrellas and end of roll fabrics to create unique rainwear made in the UK.
Supported By Rain in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom. Pic by

By Stamo: Luxury classics with a twist. Manufactured in the UK.
By Stamo in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom. Pic by

British designer Romero Bryan, chose to showcase his new collection in Ecoluxe London instead of NY Couture Fashion Week. His first attempt to create luxury with a conscious produced layered jackets and skirts with transparent details in cream and black.
Romero Bryan backless dress

Romero Bryan and Yva from Yvian in Ecoluxe London Sep ’12

Yvian, showcased with us their first collection. Dedicated to fair trade and fair working conditions. Yvian is committed to change lives and promote development through fashion.
Yvian in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom

Anna P: leather handbags and cool headbands. This season Anna, besides her leather accessories also showcased her collection made of recycled denim trousers. Everything is UK made.
Headband by Anna P in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom. Pic by

Rebecca-Jane: Leather handbags and accessories made of recycled and reworked leather jackets. Manufactured in the UK
Rebecca- Jane in Ecoluxe London Sep ’12

Selina Cheong: Leather handbags and accessories manufactured in the UK and made according to the highest quality standards.
Selina Cheong in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom

Talented Totes: UK made totes and a range of canvas and fabric bags made in the UK. Menswear fabrics and off cuts are also used to create a range of totes with cool prints on them.
Talented Totes in Ecoluxe London Sep ’12. Pic by

Bailey Tomlin: exquisite hair bands, head pieces, jewellery and handbags- designed and created in the UK
Bailey Tomlin in Ecoluxe London Sep ’12. Pic by

Hatastic!: reworked and reblocked vintage hats with added ‘bits and bobs’. Chloe works wonders.

Sew Last Season, Elena Garcia, presented her collection of upcycled men’s jackets and shirts.
Sew Last Season in the Ecoluxe London Sep ’12 showroom

The shoe fleur collection from Po-Zu.
Po-Zu in Ecoluxe London Sep ’12. Pic by

A picture is a thousand words so please feel free to talk about them.

Indigreen by Nidhi Singh & Gaurav Gupta

Founded in January 2009, by Nidhi Singh & Gaurav Gupta, Indigreen is a fusion of art, high fashion, eco friendly values, fair trade ethics and a heavy dose of Bollywood & Indian Pop Art. The art is hand painted by former Bollywood poster painters who lost out on work after Bollywood advertising went digital. This concoction of green values, art and social messages incorporated in the Indigreen design makes it a unique, ‘communicative’ high fashion brand.

With concepts like 100% Indian ‘Luxury Pret Organic Tee, Organic Accessories, Home Art Décor and Stationery; Indigreen has created a buzz in the fashion, environment and art circles for its contribution in social and sustainable ethics. Indigreen takes pride in having received the Green Heroes Award at the National Geographic Green Conclave and being shortlisted as a finalist for the Young Creative Entrepreneurs Award by the British Council in October 2010, only a year after its launch.

With our game of 20 questions let’s get to know co-founder Nidhi Singh, beyond Indigreen

1)    Your passion beyond fashion

Yoga, Meditation, Travel

2)    Your life in three words

Everything is Energy

3)    Your life in colours


4)    Your Hero

Paramahansa Yogananda

5)    What is your song/music

Trance- Robert Miles, Chicane, Paul Van Dyk, ATB

6)    What do you wear to bed

Recycled Indigreen tees and pyjamas/shorts

7)    Your favourite Flower


8)    Your favourite food recipe

Rice and Lentils

9)    Your rescue cooking trick

Instant noodles

10)Live to eat or eat to live

Live to eat, laugh, and spread the joy

11)Wine: Red or White

Neither, prefer Vodka

12)Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market


13)Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

Happy mind

14)Fantasy or Reality

Will to turn Fantasy into Reality

15)Moonlight or Sunlight

Cloudy moonlight & sunlight- love the rains!

16)Journey or Destination


17)What is your walk

Fast paced, happy gait

18)Who will you be reincarnated as

A yogi in the Himalayas

19)What’s important to you?

Spiritual path, family, work and philanthropy

20)Food for Fashion

Organic food, Ethical Fashion