The Mayamiko Trust – Mayamiko meaning praise in Chichewan dialect,  praises indeed the   old Chinese proverb  ‘ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ’.

Since 2008,  the Mayamiko cotton project in Malawi,provides training  in sewing and tailoring to local women who  are  infected or affected   by HIV/AIDS giving  them  the opportunity to earn a reliable income for them and their families.

The training  includes all  different   textile processes: weaving or knitting, cutting, sewing, tailoring, all the way through the finished garments, some of which have been featured on Vogue, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian.

Mayamiko empowering, sustainable initiative  is well received by the public  as  one  can see  the  real impact on real people.  The  project   is  supported by donations, both  monetary and in-kind like people’s time, professional skills etc.

However, the training and  working conditions are harsh : outdoor  classes, limited working space, electricity coming  and  going – most of the  time off.

In order to offer better chances of success , Mayamiko’s  current focus is  on obtaining the raw materials to build a sustainable skills and production center in Lilongwe, Malawi,  The target is 200,000 Bricks-of-Hope, each brick representing 50 pence.

For the same reason, Mayamiko are holding their second fundraising event,              ” SPARK  an  explosion of creative energy ”.

SPARKS  will be held at Corbet Place, London on the 26th of October and promises a night of fun, full of fashion,  live music,  and  dancing.  To  find  out all  the  details, visit  SPARKS   and ….. see  you  there!

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