Founded in 2010, Ecoluxe London is a not-for-profit platform  supporting luxury with an ethos.

The Ecoluxe London Team see environmental respect and self-respect as two sides of the same life. Our footprint is careful and light and our every action seeks to benefit every part of the community.

Initially responsive to designers and brands alone, the Ecoluxe philosophy now embraces anyone who seeks an oasis in the midst of our frantic everyday lives.

The Ecoluxe London BLOG4blog aspires to become a haven where the reader is encouraged to stop, look, think, and listen to their inner self.

We will speak of places where time has slowed down and the person comes first, and where merchandise with a gentle tread, free from all cruelty and negligence, entreats the soul.

We will recall for you the joy of envisaging that holiday, browsing a funky market, trying out a new dish, gaining inspiration for that new outfit, supporting a worthwhile cause, or meeting interesting new people.

Whatever it is that makes life rich, Ecoluxe London will seek it out, see it anew, and bring it to you!     We do not claim to be heaven on earth but in the Ecoluxe blog we think you will find a little drop of Heaven.

Ecoluxe London welcomes you and it bids you share the good things and make them yours.







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