So … our 2012  events are over.

Brands are frantically preparing yet another collection to showcase in  February 2013  but…. what    have  we  HONESTLY  and TRULY  gained  from 2012 London Fashion Weeks   to  make  things  better ?

We are all involved  in one way or another, either being consumers or professionals of the field and we should act and work towards lifting London Fashion Week from being a regional UK event to:

 place it at the heart of the action as  it  used  to  be
 create a hub of international creativity and events   as  it  used to  happen
 give motive for our talents to return to UK
 create sustainable businesses, UK jobs and…. flying colours for British fashion.


Through our blog we would like to  thank all who  spent  time  in our February and  September 2012  showroom,   meeting  our exhibitors.

We would also like to thank all the journalists and bloggers who took  time to present some of the Ecoluxe London brands as well as Ecoluxe London and the work we do.   We do like to see our name mentioned in the press  🙂  

See  you  on  17 & 18  February  2013  !

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