Created in the UK, SewLomax uses high quality ethically sourced canvas bags . The products offered are always fun but also stylish and they uniquely and creatively offer ways in which to organise and transport items.

Slide5Each piece in the SewLomax range is lovingly finished by hand making every one an original. This further allows the lucky owner to feel     individual and unique.



SewLomax products are ageless and also timeless. They appeal to many genres from the dog owner to the busy city worker! 


With new styles regularly updated  SewLomax  plans  to keep its customers  in a buoyant mood!

Check  SewLomax Collection

   at the  Ecoluxe London

        pop up boutique!



Talented Totes

TALENTED TOTES is a new, directional collection of luxury printed tote bags all ethically made from natural materials.

TALENTED TOTES celebrate the bag as an art form and skilfully print artists’ works onto canvas  totes.


This is their first collection and  TALENTED TOTES  includes four               separate,beautiful and compelling ranges.