Ilya Fisher

Ilya Fisher -Logo

Slide3Combining stunning shibori designs with beautiful shapes and silks, Ilya fisher bring you hand dyed clothes and scarves that both look beautiful and feel fabulous to wear.


All garments are made and dyed in Ilya Fisher‘s London premises using metal free dyes with careful sourcing of silks, natural shell buttons and processes to reduce impact on the environment.

Each Ilya Fisher piece is unique. No two the same -eco, ethical & unique.


L-L-B : “ why waste it when you can wear it ”

L-L-B-logo-bk    L-L-B  is a Norwegian brand based on the idea of conceptual ecology.


        L -L-B  focuses  on quality, originality and sustainability.


L-L-B  aims to create a garment to live in, making  it  feel  like a refuge, a home.


L-L-B  garments are made in France  using traditional techniques, hand dyed and printed fabrics   along  with  upcycled  and  eco  materials.


                    L-L-B ‘s  motto  is “why waste it when you can wear it”