Welcome to our silent auction in benefit of Fine Cell Work!

Fine Cell Work  is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework  —  undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells — to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem. This helps them to connect to society and to leave prison with the confidence and financial means to  stop offending.

    We have some incredible items  donated from  brands all over the world,  including special donations from well established fashion houses with unique customisations by Fine Cell Work.

   The auction will run from the 5th until the 28th of February 2014 .

        Grab yourself a bargain or an incredible one-off piece!

             All proceeds will go towards Fine Cell Work.

 If you would like to bid pleaseemail us at:   silentauction@ecoluxelondon.org quoting the lot number on the subject of the email.                                                                                         Please state your name and contact details along with the amount you would like to spend on the item.                                                                   Once the bidding is closed then we will contact you if you are succesfull.

                                          Happy Bidding!

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Ecoluxe London sustainable luxury fashion show: A Grinn fairy tale

Jan de Villeneuve takes to the Catwalk in Support of Ethical Luxury

during London Fashion Week 



“I am looking forward  to  being  on  the  Ecoluxe London catwalk  during  London  fashion  week, helping  to  promote   sustainable  luxury  with  an  ethos  as  well  as   the  fabulous  creative  embroidery   of  Fine  Cell  Work” says an enthusiastic Jan de Villeneuve, top model.

For its 8th edition, Ecoluxe London teams up with award-winning prison charity and social enterprise Fine Cell Work for the first ever sustainable luxury fashion show during London Fashion Week, with an online silent auction to raise funds, including donations from Stella McCartney, Margaret Howell and Chloe in support of Fine Cell Work, that will be embellished by its embroiderers to create unique pieces. There will also be a drinks reception.

On 17th February 2014, 19.00 in Kingsway Hall, 66 Great Queen Street, WC2B 5BX Covent Garden.



Fashion is a new departure for the Fine Cell Work embroiderers who are more familiar with embroidering intricate patterns for cushions and interior accessories to the highest standards. For Autumn/ Winter 2014 Fine Cell Work will be promoting their SWAG bag collection.

“My mother sewed beautifully and she inspired my passion for sewing and embroidery. I always seemed to be making tapestry cushions on film sets which I gave away to friends.

There is great satisfaction in seeing the finished product after the hard work.

 Sometimes I would become so engrossed in it that I was more interested in finishing the cushion than the film!” (Dame Judi Dench, Patron of Fine Cell Work)

This is the first time that Fine Cell Work has collaborated with fashion designers to embellish their pieces with exquisite embroidery.

“It is fantastic that Ecoluxe London are supporting Fine Cell Work. The Ecoluxe London Fashion Show is important for the new opportunities it will bring prisoners for work in the future in the fashion industry. I thoroughly support it.” (Wayne Hemingway, MBE)

We are so excited about the show. We have incredible brands from all over the world this season; we are also hugely proud to be able to showcase the prisoners’ embroidery work. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote an amazing charity (Stamo, co-founder of Ecoluxe London).
Tumbling tart

Brands showcasing their work include:

Ala Mairi (heritage based artistry, luxury womenswear, PK, UK)

Ar-Li  (Felt accessories, A women’s coop in Kazakhstan, KZ)

Bailey Tomlin (Exquisite millinery, jewellery, sculptural pieces, UK)

By Stamo  (Luxury with a twist, UK)

CraftworksCambodia  (Jewellery and accessories made of recycled rice bags, bullet shells, etc. NGO based in Cambodia, KH. Attendance sponsored by  ‘By Stamo’)

Elena Garcia (Daring design with traditional techniques for eco luxury, UK)

Fine Cell Work (Social enterprise that trains prisoners in embroidery, UK)

Grace (Beautiful clothes for real women, UK)

Green Embassy (Timeless clothing, traditional techniques GOTS certified, AU)

Joyce Peñas Pilarsky Daring Collections (Womenswear sustainable luxury, PH)

L-L-B (Womenswear, conceptual ecology, FR/NO)

Le Konsphin (Womenwear and accessories, PT/VN)

Marita Huurinainen (Sustainable luxury, womens/mens accessories, FI)

Nadine Mneimneh  (Contemporary womenswear, LB)

Njema Helena (Modern fashion with an African aesthetic, UK/KE)

Sew Last Season (Limited edition up-cycled men’s shirts, UK)

Supported by Rain® (Rainwear made of recycled umbrellas, UK)

Wellicious (Luxurious Eco-Friendly GOTS certified yoga, pilates and loungewear, UK)

…and  more!

The Karate Kid part II (1986)

Hey Guys!Hope you had a fab weekend? 😀

Sky Greats HD has been showing the ‘Karate Kid’ I, II & III. I’m currently watching Karate Kid II directed by John G. Avildsen. It was written by Robert Mark Kamen.

While watching it, there was a part that struck me and I thought I’d share. The Karate Kid was telling his Sensei that he was basically tired of life and his Sensei replied saying: ‘when you tired of life go back to basic‘ as he said this, the Sensei put his hands together and for some reason it confused the Karate Kid for he thought his Sensei meant he should go back to praying. But his Sensei corrected him saying : ‘basic of life breathing‘, ‘breathe is life‘…


image from <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091326/?ref_=sr_1&gt;

You should watch it.. It’s interesting 😀

Spring/Summer 2014 Showroom

Ecoluxe London cordially invites you to our Spring/Summer 2014 Showroom.

Luxury Ethical brands from all over the world will be showcasing their fashion collections.

These brands include: Bailey-Tomlin, Anna P., Craftworks Cambodia, Arli, The Duck and the Sesame, amongst others.




When: Sunday 15th September 2013, from 12:30pm to 8pm


             Monday 16th September 2013, from 9am to 8pm

Where: Kingsway Hall Hotel

             (located next to Vauxhall Fashion Scout)

             66 Great Queen Street

             Covent Garden

             London WC2B 5BX


RSVP & INFO: rsvp@ecoluxelondon.org

                       +44 (0) 7765 292 990





We will also operate a pop up shop in the premises, giving you Sustainable Luxury at your fingertips. You sure don’t want to miss out!!!! #BeDifferent



Looking forward to seeing you there!!! 😀




All about Le Konsphin and her projects in Vietnam

Now here is Le konsphin’s story:

Lekonsphin makes use of organic leather for her designs and her products are produced in Portugal, where she resides. This enables her to ensure that the process and production are done in an ethical way. But that’s not where the story gets interesting!

Her fabrics are produced in Vietnam and guess what?? It serves as a source of income for the families producing these fabrics. The women are able to work from home and take care of their families at the same time. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone!!!

Did you know that you will be donating 5% to projects like Red Dream project in Vietnam, when you buy her products?


Well, hurry and be sure to visit our website at www.ecoluxelondonboutique.com to see more pieces by LeKonsphin. Like us on facebook too!

Image     Image

The Story behind Romero Bryan’s pieces

Whether it’s the theme or the story behind sustainable fashion items, there’s always an interesting side to it. Hear more from our designer- Romero Bryan


Sometimes efforts of those in the creative industry are not being recognised by the world. This has been the inspiration behind Romero Bryan’s pieces. The theme was that of ‘personality being chipped away at’. His layered pieces tell a story of how ladies can feel comfortable and bold in their outfits without feeling like they can never be heard.

He spends a lot of time researching into the concept of his pieces as well as fabric and guess what? Market research! Yes, market research. Romero says that his core consumer group always takes first place in all of his pieces. So worry not guys, you’re in safe hands!


Look out for more of Romero Bryan’s pieces at www.ecoluxelondonboutique.com and like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and find us on instagram.