ArLi is a team of two designers, Ardagul Dusegalieva and Liliya Karimova, brought together by mutual passion for creating designer accessories in the form of natural silk and wool.

Based in a  transcontinental country where Central Asia and Eastern Europe meet, they unite the values of both continents to deliver a sustainable yet luxury product, made from locally sourced 100 per cent natural materials while using responsible production practices.


A game of 20 questions  with  Dina  of    ‘Arli ‘ 

1)    Your passion beyond fashion :  Harmony

2)    Your life in three words: Creativity, Love, Inspiration

3)    Your life in colours :  Rainbow

4)    Your Hero : Gaudi

5)    What is your song/music : Birds singing in the morning

6)    What do you wear to bed : Anything that I find in my wardrobe

7)    Your favourite Flower : Lily

8)    Your favourite food recipe: Grandma’s pie         

9)    Your rescue cooking trick :

 Show the picture and say:” That’s how it’s supposed to look ”

10) Live to eat or eat to live :  Depends on the mood

11) Wine: Red or White   Rose

12) Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market :     ………

13) Peace of Mind or Scattered mind : Peace of mind

14) Fantasy or Reality :    Reality

15) Moonlight or Sunlight :  Sunlight

16) Journey or Destination :  Journey

17) What is your walk : Along the shore

18) Who will you be reincarnated as :  Jungle Animal

19) What’s important to you : Honesty and Respect for Everyone

20) Food for Fashion : Inspiration

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