Gloria Bendita is a Spanish brand that combines Ibizan style

                                        with Ad Lib Andalusian air.

Gloria Bendita  develop their collections using  ethically sourced  materials,

 natural dyes  and lots of craftsmanship.

A game of 20 questions  with  Magdalena  of  ‘Gloria Bendita

1)    Your passion beyond fashion

Fashion is my passion for the last 27 years I’ve been actively working on it,plus I love the movies, and music.

2)    Your life in three words:     Enterprising – Action – Fashion.

3)    Your life in colours

Are important in my life, intensely vivid colors, besides white and black

4)    Your Hero

There are many people I admire in history but if I have to emphasize could be Madre Teresa de Calcuta

5)    What is your song/music : House music electric, chill out

6)    What do you wear to bed :  Comfortable clothes

7)    Your favourite Flower :  Daisy

8)    Your favourite food recipe:  All salads

9)    Your rescue cooking trick : With garlic and oil

10) Live to eat or eat to live :  Eat to live

11) Wine: Red or White

I like both

12) Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market : ……

13) Peace of Mind or Scattered mind :  Peace in the mind

14) Fantasy or Reality

I move through the fantasy but the transfer to reality

15) Moonlight or Sunlight :  I like both

16) Journey or Destination

Sometimes need to travel and other more stay in one place but I need both

17)What is your walk

I’m with a great professional development experience, where I want to achieve maximum harmony in my daily life with my own thoughts and everything around me, being able to participate in best running processes, providing a sense of well-being, good things made, inner strength, to reach transmit it through my work.

18) Who will you be reincarnated as :  Could be an animal for not paying taxes.

19) What’s important to you?

My priority is to take care of my two daughters and help care for the planet

20) Food for Fashion :  Avocado Cocktail

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