A life defined by his passions: dancing, fashion, music, colours, spills out into his collections

Francisco is playing hide and seek with us through our game of 20 questions

1) His passion beyond fashion
I have been dancing since I was a child and I have done it in a professional way for 8 years; that`s something that inspires me in everything I do.

2) Your life in three words
Art-Hard work-Thorough

3) His life in colors
Although I would love it, life is not always colourful… I am learning that in mine, hard work becomes pink, effort becomes green, persistence becoomes red; I mean you can colour your own life…!

4) Your hero
Currently I have no hero, know nearly all is chaos and nobody comes to rescue us…

5) What is your song / music
Flamenco, pop, classical…

6) What do you wear in bed
It depends on the moment… but I don´t feel really comfortable being dressed in bed.

7) Your favorite flower
Cherry-tree`s flowers… every year I go to see them!

8) Your favorite food recipe
Salmorejo, with a lot of vinegar…

9) The kitchen trick rescue
Bread, oil, tomato and Spanish ham!

10) Live to eat or eat to live
Live to eat…

11) Wine: Red or White
I prefer coke!

12) Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market
Both… I love shopping, doesn`t mind where!

13) Peace of mind or scattered mind
Scattered mind!

14) Fantasy or Reality
Nowadays… fantasy is needed to believe in reality…!

15) Sunlight or moonlight

16) Journey or Destination
Journey is destination too, you are in a place thanks to all places you have been before

17) What is your walk
I think my walk is the one I build everyday, with my work, my feelings, my decisions… I want nobody to build it; and I just hope it would take me to the correct place!

18) Who will be reincarnated as
There`s nothing bad in being me!

19) What is important to you?
I just want to live making what I really like, and share it with the people I love

20) Food for Fashion

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