Selina Cheong accessories have always been about functionality, simplicity and quality. Fine leathers, linings and fittings are carefully sourced to ensure the longevity of each bag. Each design is made in small batches in the UK to ensure each bag is made to the highest standard.

Selina showcased her new collection in our Ecoluxe London showroom and we are delighted to have it.

Her game of 20 questions:

1) Your passion beyond fashion
Making things
2) Your life in three words
smile smile smile
3) Your life in colours
Gold Gold Gold
(4) Your Hero
My mama
5) What is your song/music
Fleetwood Mac
6) What do you wear to bed
Anything snuggly I can grab
7) Your favorite Flower
Lotus flower (It’s my chinese name!)
8) Your favorite food recipe
Any type of stew
9) Your rescue cooking trick
10) Live to eat or eat to live
live to eat for sure

11) Wine: Red or White
12) Selfridges or Spitalfields Market
13) Peace of Mind or Scattered mind
Peace of mind
14) Fantasy or Reality
15) Moonlight or Sunlight

16) Journey or Destination
17) What is your walk
Fast paced with purpose
18) Who will you be reincarnated as
A cat
19) What’s important to you
Friends, family and loving everything I do
20) Food for Fashion
Keep it fresh, natural and inspirational

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