TU&TU is a contemporary eco-fashion brand standing outside the fast-fashion concept. It upholds a people-centered philosophy, in which the individual is not a passive consumer but a person with a vision whose choices generate changes and new values. TU&TU encourages ethical consumption by offering high-quality stylish yet durable garments made of fabrics with low environmental impact that can take a lot of wear and tear before eventually being recycled once more. TU&TU is envisioned and produced entirely in Italy. Every step of the manufacture process is supervised to protect workers from exploitation and potentially health hazardous procedure.

A game of 20 questions with Roberta Gentile of TU&TU

1.    Your passion beyond fashion

Music: I am a pianist.

2.    Your life in three words

Passion, art, chocolate.

3.    Your life in colours

All shadows of blue.

4.    Your Hero

San Francesco d’Assisi.

5.    What is your song/music

Chopin, many Russian composers and Freddy Mercury.

6.    What do you wear to bed

I want to feel comfortable.

7.    Your favourite Flower

Poppies and meadow-flowers

8.    Your favourite food recipe

Vegetarian indian curry recipes

9.    Your rescue cooking trick

I know it may sound too italian, but “Pasta” and tomato sauce.

10. Live to eat or eat to live

Eat to live.

11. Wine: Red or White

I live in a fine vineyard zone, but, I am sorry, I drink only water.

12. Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market


13. Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

A peaceful-scattered mind!

14. Fantasy or Reality

Definitely Fantasy: Reality is just the frame.

15. Moonlight or Sunlight

Love to enjoy the sun under the shadow of a tree

16. Journey or Destination


17. What is your walk

Feminine and self-confident.

18. Who will you be reincarnated as

Surely an animal (can’t decide between a squirrel and an eagle…).

19. What’s important to you?

Justice, respect for every man, animal and the environment.

20. Food for Fashion


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