Le Konsphin is a fashion and accessories enterprise with a
responsible approach. The focus is quality product and care of each
garment with great detail. The products are designed by young national and
international designers who identify with the project and its values.
Production is in Portugal, encouraging local manufacture and high quality
of products. They offer a new shopping experience that makes us travel to the
East. In addition customers will be donating 5% direct to development
projects such as RED Dream Project. The aim is to be as ethical and
sustainable as possible.

A game of 20 questions

1.    Your passion beyond fashion

Community development projects

2.    Your life in three words

Passion, responsibility, challenge

3.    Your life in colours

Pink, red, black, white

4.    Your Hero

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

5.    What is your song/music


6.    What do you wear to bed


7.    Your favourite Flower


8.    Your favourite food recipe

Seafood rice

9.    Your rescue cooking trick


10. Live to eat or eat to live

Eat to live

11. Wine: Red or White


12. Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market

Spitalfeilds Market

13. Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

Peace of mind

14. Fantasy or Reality


15. Moonlight or Sunlight


16. Journey or Destination


17. What is your walk

In the beach

18. Who will you be reincarnated as

Grace Kelly of Monaco

19. What’s important to you?

Respect for people

20. Food for Fashion


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