Anna P loves designing and making beautiful hand crafted accessories. Her affair with fashion started in Rome when Anna’s grandmother handed her fabric and pins to create her own dolls clothes.

After having studied and gained a whole lot of experience in construction and pattern cutting of leather at a renowned studio, she felt the need to do her own thing, a need to create beautiful Eco Luxury handbags and headbands with a minimal carbon footprint. Many of these bays and headbands are one-off pieces made by Anna P herself!

It’s time for 20 questions with Anna P

1.Your passion beyond fashion


2. Your life in three words

Family fashion food

3. Your life in colours

Ever changing

4. Your Hero

Martin Margiela

5. What is your song/music

Belle and Sebastian

6. What do you wear to bed

My skin

7. Your favourite Flower

Sweet pea

8. Your favourite food recipe

Chick pea soup

9. Your rescue cooking trick

Call my dad he’s a chef

10. Live to eat or eat to live

Live to eat

11. Wine: Red or White


12. Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market


13. Peace of Mind or Scattered mind


14. Fantasy or Reality


15. Moonlight or Sunlight


16. Journey or Destination


17. What is your walk

Run on the beach

18. Who will you be reincarnated as

A dog

19. What’s important to you?


20. Food for Fashion 

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