Shanti Sundays is the ultimate easy Sunday living line.

Designed with maximum ease and comfort in mind, the brand offers stylish simplicity perfect for Sundays leisurely pace. Whatever your Sunday practice be it yoga, working out, mooching or socializing, Shanti Sundays has got it covered and will have something that fits just right.

Supersoft separates and soft layering pieces lay the foundations for a perfect off duty capsule wardrobe guaranteed to help you glide through your day with style and grace, wherever you mood takes you.

The Shanti Sunday motto is ‘love is everything’.  It’s at the heart of everything and is reinforced by ethical principals. The clothing is ethically made in the UK and Turkey.

A game of 20 questions with Tracey Ellis

1)    Your passion beyond fashion     

Yoga, Music, Dancing, Making mix Tapes

2)    Your life in three words               

Love is everything

3)    Your life in colours                                    

Mint green +Turquoise

4)    Your Hero                                        

Dalai Lama

5)    What is your song/music            

This Must be the Place by Talking Heads

6)    What do you wear to bed            

Very Little

7)    Your favourite Flower                   

Bright Pink Peony

8)    Your favourite food recipe                      

Fish, stir fried spinach & pak choi, raw choc truffles

9)    Your rescue cooking trick                      

Lots of wine

10)Live to eat or eat to live                

Eat to Live

11)Wine: Red or White                                   


12)Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market          


13)Peace of Mind or Scattered mind         

Peace of Mind

14)Fantasy or Reality                          


15)Moonlight or Sunlight                   


16)Journey or Destination                


17)What is your walk                         

In the Scottish Highlands

18)Who will you be reincarnated as           

We’ll have to wait and see

19)What’s important to you?            

Family, friends, laughter, living ethically, kindness and an open heart

20)Food for Fashion                

Green smoothies and sushi

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