Ecoluxe London brings to you a fabulous opportunity to present your creations and participate in the Ecoluxe London September 2012 Competition.

The competition encourages eco conscious and sustainable designers to compete not only with their peers but also emulate their own work; allowing them to prove themselves and be distinguished within the wider fashion industry.

The winner of the competition will be announced in the upcoming September 2012 Ecoluxe London exhibition and will bag a free space to exhibit their collection at the Ecoluxe London February 2013 event.

Participants are required to submit their entries by 12th September 2012 on


* Image(s) of your designed collection

* Describe your collection/brand story (50 words)

* Describe your business model (100 words)

* New designers and companies that have been operating less than 2 years…

We hope new and upcoming designers are prepared to take advantage of the lucrative opportunity presented by Ecoluxe i.e. Ecoluxe London Sept’ 12 Competition!!

Hurry! Submit your entries ASAP! Time is running out… Spread the word to give the young and upcoming ethical designers an opportunity to prove their mettle!!!

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