Connature is an international online marketplace that helps suppliers liaise with buyers, of the sustainable field, providing multiple services that foster the buying and selling process whilst supporting company growth. Connature promotes a sustainable fashion that is ethical and forward thinking. They endorse eco-conscious brands and designers in order to demonstrate that a different way of conceiving style and beauty is actually possible. Nowadays the concept of “luxury” means something from the past that is similar but at the same time different. Connature’s philosophy is to support brand and designers who use sustainable practices that show respect for people, environment and animals by creating beautiful clothes and accessories that talk about this “new concept of style and elegance”.

This time its Lara Dassi of Connature who plays our game of 20 questions

  1. Your passion beyond fashion

Painting, music, singing, cinema, theatre, art and a lot more…

  1. Your life in three words

Enthusiastic, light, conscious

  1. Your life in colours

Blue, red, green

  1. Your Hero

People who really open their eyes and their heart…everyday

  1. What is your song/music

I love jazz

  1. What do you wear to bed


  1. Your favourite Flower


  1. Your favourite food recipe

Indian rice

  1. Your rescue cooking trick

Pasta with tomato!

  1. Live to eat or eat to live

Eat to live

  1. Wine: Red or White

Absolutely red

  1. Selfridges or Spitalfeilds Market


  1. Peace of Mind or Scattered mind

Peace of mind!!

  1. Fantasy or Reality


  1. Moonlight or Sunlight


  1. Journey or Destination


  1. What is your walk

Be myself and manifest it!

  1. Who will you be reincarnated as

Always as a woman

  1. What’s important to you?

Harmony with myself and love

  1. Food for Fashion


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